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App Development | Web Design | SEO | Digital Marketing 

Film | Music | Photography

Yes there’s just two of us, but our team is big enough to take care of big projects but small enough to maintain good communication channels. Our marketing manager doubles as a project manager to liase with the customer throughout the project.

As a creative design agency, and as the web became an integral part of new media, appricot.ca always like to stay at the cutting-edge of software development. We are use the latest trends in JavaScript frameworks, but don’t worry about jargons; it’s just our cup of coffee!

  • Web Design and SEO – 90%
  • Music and Film – 77%
  • App Development – 85%

Project Management

Why mention Project Management? Because everything is! From the smallest family business to the enterprise project. Proper planning, documentation of agreed requirements, proper management of resources and delivering a project on time, and within budget can make all the difference between a successful delivery and a failed project.

LEAN Project Management is our style of work whether for managing media projects or for software development. Waterfall as well as Agile are two complimentary methods and we implement both methods as the required situation calls for.

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